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Mafia fugitive said: “Think about my two cats and don’t leave them alone tonight” on arrest — 3 Comments

  1. Marco Di Lauro sounds like a scary person. 😱 He seems to have mellowed after all these years, and/or gotten stressed from decades of running and hiding from the authorities. He looks tired.

    For a person to be capable of orchestrating this much evil, and yet remain full of concern and love for his cats…what a dichotomy. There must contain a massive “continental divide” in Marco Di Lauro’s subconscious.

  2. I’ve wrestled with this perception too, of whether or not a person is basically good if they care for their cats or animals in general. I had a neighbor who would have fit nicely into organized crime, but she did care for her cat “Casper”, a white ASH with no ears. That cat got plenty of stares from passersby who often asked “What the heck is that?”

    I often reflect on whether I’m a good person and why, and what my caring for animals has to do with it. I’d say most of us fit into the middle of the bell curve, and that you could conclude that people who don’t care for animals probably wouldn’t care about people either. But those who don’t care about people aren’t necessarily callous toward animals, who have a certain innocence that wins over the hearts of even the worst murderers. I mean, don’t most James Bond villains have a pet cat?

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