Magician’s Secret Trick Tells Us Why Cats Make A Slow Blink

The domestic cat’s slow blink is well known. There are many webpages about it. The general gist of these pages is that the cat’s slow blink is a sign of love towards their human companion. It is a sign that their cat is content. The domestic cat’s blink has even been described as a cat kiss. It is as if your cat is blowing you a kiss and the human is invited to return it by slow blinking themselves.

Contented cat
Contented cat. This painting is by Scottish artist Gina Wright.
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An interesting newspaper article about magicians emerged yesterday. The gist of the article is that successful magicians lull the audience into being relaxed through their patter and general style of delivery whereupon the audience engages in synchronised blinking because they are so relaxed. People tend to lose concentration when they’re relaxed and when they lose concentration they blink more.

Illusionists have the ability to relax an audience which allows them to perform successfully. It is not known whether magicians actually realise this but a study indicates that their delivery techniques results in the audience blinking which causes them to miss key moments during the illusion, which in turn makes the illusion seem real.

Contented cat
Contented cat

Surely this informs us about the well-known cat kiss or slow blink. When we have a loving relationship with our cat, she is going to be content and relaxed when she is sitting or lying close to us. When we talk to our cat she’ll recognise our voice. It is reassuring. The environment is emotionally warm for your domestic cat companion. She is relaxed. She loses concentration and blinks.

This is a more scientific reason behind the cat slow blink. It is linked therefore to a close and loving emotional connection with us. The fact that a cat is relaxed and content when physically close to us indicates that the relationship is good and supportive and that there is a loving bond between cat and human.

Note: I have used Gina’s painting to illustrate the page because it shows the slow blink so effectively. I have provided a link to her webpage in return.

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4 thoughts on “Magician’s Secret Trick Tells Us Why Cats Make A Slow Blink”

  1. Our Little Mercy is a slow blinker. In fact she will come around to your face look in your eyes and initiate it.

  2. Beautiful painting, and lovely photograph.

    My cat doesn’t do this very often, but does other things when she’s relaxed in my lap, like raising her arms way over her head, and exposing her belly, as she closes her eyes. At times, her eyes aren’t completely closed, but usually on their way….

    1. Yep, I thought the painting exactly reflected the slow blink. My cat does the slow blink. I sometimes return it. It is normally when he joins me on the bed when I am about to turn of the light. I talk to him a lot. When I talk he slow blinks.

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