Magneto the RagaMuffin?

by Aoife

Magneto with his brother Fig

Magneto with his brother Fig

Magneto with his brother Fig Mag as a small kitten

This is my cat Magneto. I had originally just assumed he was a mixed breed Persian-type cat but when I started to look into it a bit more I came across this RagaMuffin breed and he seems to fit the exact description.

He is very friendly and comfortable with anybody. He loves to fetch sticks and only likes to be outside when somebody is with him, so even though we live in the country he never strays far.

He follows people around the house and practically shouts at you when he wants attention. He is only about 7-8 months old now but he has grown very fast and has large paws which suggests he still has a lot more growing to do.

We also have another cat that we adopted as a stray. They are very fond of each other and he likes to groom Magneto regularly.

Like I said I'm not 100% sure if he is a RagaMuffin and don't know much about his parentage except that his mother had similar hair length/type.

Just thought I'd see what other people thought.


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Magneto the RagaMuffin?

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Feb 09, 2012
So sweet NEW
by: attractaAnonymous

Hi Aoife, I love your clever kitten. I had a rescue cat that we assumed was a part Persian but turned out to be a Norwegian Forest cat. He also retrieved and followed me around and worked out how to pat bells on the door to get out.Fig looks lovely too. Great they have each other for company. A.

Jan 26, 2012
by: magneto fan

lovely cat

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