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CFA and TICA breed standard compared.

The TICA also say under “General Description” the Maine Coon has been developed by natural selection (e.g. she has not been developed by people such as the mutated  breeds or the wild/domestic hybrids – click here more on these).

TICA emphasis that the Maine Coon evolved as a “working cat” under a tough climate. Being a working cat (catching rodents for farmers), she needed to be strong and muscular, broad chested and able to fend for herself. These qualities and more are mentioned in the TICA breed standard.

Lets look at some details:

Head: CFA – medium width and the length greater than the width. TICA – Slightly longer than wide. A broad head with size in proportion to body. (note: I love the Maine Coon face ). The same standard for both CFA and TICA in my opinion.

Coat: Both the CFA and TICA agree that the coat should be shorter on the shoulders and gradually lengthen on the stomach and sides and that it should be shaggy. CFA looks for silky texture falling smoothly. While TICA does not mention a silky texture it does look for a smoothness and that the coat should not be “cottony” (does this mean silky?). CFA likes a ruff (the long fur around the head). TICA just says that the ruff becomes more developed  with age.

TICA also state that the coat is for all weathers (fitting in with her past as an outdoor cat). The coat should have “body” due to a slight undercoat. These standards are not mentioned by the CFA.

So on the appearance of the Maine Coon coat (an important feature), the CFA lean towards a more groomed appearance I would say (Miss Kate the Maine Coon featured is beautifully groomed – she is just plain pretty).>>>>>>to next page Maine-Coon-3>>>>>>>

Sources: CFA and TICA

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