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CFA and TICA breed standard compared.

The lynx tips to these ears are so dense that they are flopping forward under their own weight.

So far I have established that there are some differences in breed standard between the 2 most important cat registries.

This supports the view that a CFA Maine Coon winner might be different in appearance to a TICA Maine Coon Show winner.

This cat to me looks like the kind favored by TICA being more natural looking (a tiny bit more “scruffy”).

I personally love this face and prefer the TICA look. To finish up lets look at the standard for the ears.

There is surprisingly quite a difference in the standard at least in its wording. TICA expects (but doesn’t demand) there to be lynx tips to the ears.

While the CFA specifies that the ears be well tufted. I presume this to mean that there be lynx tips to the ears. CFA does not mention “ear furnishings” (hair in the ear) but the reference to tufting must cover that.

For a newcomer to breeding there is obviously a need to ask a lot of questions of other breeders as the standards are open to wide interpretation. It is this that causes a gradual shift in the appearance of the look of a breed over time. In my opinion, the face of the Persian Cat changed for the same reason.

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