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Maine Coon CREME SODA — 2 Comments

  1. A truly magnificent boy. Does anybody know where he is today, and his condition?

    I was gratified to see this posting, as for the past few weeks we have been investigating certain of the feline abuse issues surrounding this breeder. So it was a coincidence to see this on your blog.

    We are fearful for his safety, knowing what his breeder has done to at least 18 of her cats. I finished the blog today, hoping to create awareness of what goes on under the covers of the cat fancies.

    Sadly, too many pedigreed cats are horribly exploited and abused by breeders, as part of their “addiction”.


    • Creme Soda is one of the outstanding Maine Coons on the internet. I have no idea where he is now or his condition. I hope he is OK. I had no idea that the breeder has a such a poor record.

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