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Maine Coon – American Curl mix (hybrid) rescue cat

The message on the Instagram page of Friends for Life Rescue Network is that Rosalie has been adopted. She was rescued from the streets apparently as she came into Orange County Animal Care “severely hypothermic and dying. We pulled her from the shelter and she made a miraculous turn around. She is now happy in her new home!”

Maine Coon American Curl hybrid mix. Photo: Friends for Life Rescue Network on Instagram.

Was she left out in freezing rain and abandoned? An interesting aspect of the story is that Rosalie looks like a Maine Coon x American Curl hybrid (and a tortoiseshell). The appearance very much supports this assessment. The ears are definitely those of an American Curl and the face screams, “I am a Maine Coon”. The muzzle is the main giveaway.

Maine Coon American Curl hybrid mix. Photo: Friends for Life Rescue Network on Instagram.

So what is going on? It appears that someone is breeding hybrid purebred cats in a Frankenstein way and then casting them away when they are no longer wanted. I am being overly dramatic perhaps but there is no mention by the rescuers of why this cat and others on their Instagram page have purebred-hybrid characteristics.

I am happy to publish the photo on this page because it provides people who are interested in hybrid cats a look at a rare one. And it is doubly rare to see one cared for by foster carer associated with a rescue organisation.

Friends for Life are entirely dependent on foster carers and don’t have a facility of their own. So if you like the idea of being a cat foster carer here is an opportunity. I believe they are based in the Los Angeles area. On their Facebook page they tell us they are based in Southern California.

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