Maine Coon cat looks like ‘tired of life’ old man

Tired of life Maine Coon
Tired of life Maine Coon. Photo:?
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This is all about appearance because this super-looking Maine Coon is not tired of life and he is probably a fairly young cat for all I know. His appearance gives us the illusion that he is tired and old and also that his appearance is like a old man. I think this comes predominantly from the eyes and mouth. The eyes are horizontal and like human eyes. The downturned mouth makes him look grumpy and pissed off – tired of life. His downturned whiskers add to the illusion.

I don’t know the origin of the photograph or of the cat. I suspect the cat was bred by a Russian who has found the knack of creating cats who look like people, specifically old men. Although personally I don’t approve of any cat breeding.

From a Maine Coon breed standard standpoint, his ears are amazing. They are large and triangular with plenty of lynx tipping at the end. He also has that nice shaggy, slightly unkempt appearance which I think is very suitable for the Maine Coon. TICA allow this more than the CFA as I understand it. He is a ginger tabby.


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