Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon Cats

by Alma
(Lithuanian )



I am - Almina. My husband is called Arunas. We have got two sons- Vidmantas and Lukas. My family lives in a very nice town - Prienai. It is located in the south of Lithuanian and surrounded by trees and forests.

Ours love of animals is not casual. Since the time as I can recall myself, I have always had cats at home and cared about them. Arunas - is very partial to birds from his youth upwards. A lot of years he has been breeding decorative pigeons. Vidmantas and Lukas are interested in underwater life and adore goldfish.

Maine Coon cats are my favourites. I have read plenty of books, visited Internet pages to know as much as I can about this breed of cat.

After some visits to exhibitions I could not resist getting this particularly gorgeous animal. First FUNKY (we call her TINA) reached our home from Poland (many thanks to DAGMARA and DARIA for this beautiful cat). Later we got BAGIRA (home name is SHELL ) from Czech Respublik (we thank JARMILA for this cat-male).

Our Maine coon cats are real members of the family. We all love them very much and care all the time. Every day we try to do our best for both of them.

So....our family would like to ask you to visit the website, to meet Tina and Shell, to watch their raising and have a good time together!

My website:

Hi Alma: Thanks you for sharing and visiting. I am very impressed with your website and SHELL. You have done a great job on the history of the Maine Coon cat. I'll be coming back to that to read more. I added a link to your site.

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Maine Coon Cats

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Mar 23, 2009 Thanks
by: Alma

Thank you very much, Michael .

My pleasure and good luck. I hope it helps and please pass the word around!

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