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  2. Another cute picture of him. The rescue group I got him from thought he was part Maine Coon, but weren’t sure of the other part. I know there’s no real way to tell what he is since he came from a cat hoarding household.

  3. Well I think my cat Dino (Parker’s buddy who I got at the same time as Parker) is part Maine Coon. He chirps like my friend’s Maine Coon, and he’s large and poofy. He also has a fascination with my fish tank full of convicts, as proven by the submitted photo.

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  5. We have a Maine Coon cross, rescued from the SSPCA, he is small boned like a domestic cat but has the long hair and tufty ears and paws of the breed. A very slender cat with a wonderful, friendly temperament, and was very chatty and purred a lot as a young cat, but rarely speaks now, and you have to put your ear to his chest to hear him purr now. He is very contented but keeps himself to himself even though we have another two. They are just domestic short hair cats. Rarely sleeps in the same place twice and we do find him in the strangest places. Now at the age of three, he only weighs 4kg! Far less than a pure breed!

    • Susan, he is such a beautiful looking cat. He does look very contented and he has a little bit of Maine Coon in his appearance (the ruff, for example). Thank you for showing us your cat. I see that he is an orange tabby and white. Orange cats, I always think, have good characters but that is entirely anecdotal but I have gleaned that from reading lots about cats while managing this website.

  6. Im looking for a female kitten but I don’t drive and I live in augusta maine.My number is 6299204 if you prefer to call me

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  8. Thank you for the breed info!

    I have never seen a Maine Coon cat before: they are apparently not common in my area. But, the vet thought my son’s rescue kitten might be one because he eventually grew so big. Not fat, no, but big and big-boned.

    After reading your site I would say that, yes, we likely have one. From the ear tufts to the tiny voice to the coat that is long in some spots but shorter over the face and shoulders to the temperament…. Yep.

    My son will be pleased to know. He has been very curious lately about this cat’s breed and where he came from! He looks very different from our other cat!


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