Maine Coon Cross Honey

Maine Coon Cross Honey

by Lesley OMalley

Honey with 2yr old Grandson

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Honey with 2yr old Grandson

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I have a cross Maine coon called Honey who is 3 in July '09. Unfortunately I don't know what she is crossed with. I think its just an ordinary domestic breed. The reason for my email, is that friends etc tell me she looks overweight and at 16lbs I would like to ask your opinion!! I feed her 70 grams of Purina dry food a day and wonder if this is too much?

If you could give me your opinion that would be great.

Hi Lesley: Thanks for sharing. I am going to make a judgment from the picture and what you say. 16lbs is heavier than average but Honey is bigger than average and being a Maine Coon cross would support this as the Maine Coon is the biggest cat breed in the Cat Fanciers Association (the biggest cat association). She looks a tiny bit overweight but not much. I feed a stray cat 4 to 5 times the amount of food you feed Honey every day and he is smaller than Honey and skinny (true see Three Stray Cats, he is Timmy the boy in the middle).

The amount is not too much. It is more to do with activity levels (i.e. burning the energy provided by the food). Honey is probably quite passive. I have a passive cat too.

Conclusion: I wouldn't worry. If Honey can play more and be more active so much the better, though.

From Maine Coon Cross Honey to largest Domestic Cat Breed

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