Maine Coon gets a teddy bear haircut and a blow dry plus stud tail treatment!

This regular, 23-pound Maine Coon client of a pet groomer on TikTok received a teddy bear haircut and blow-dry. He was also treated for his stud tail. Throughout he behaved impeccably but you can see the groomer putting a rather strange device over his head because clearly in the past he has objected to certain aspects of the treatment!

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I think that it is a nice video. The teddy bear haircut is a softer version of the lion cut as I understand it. The impressive aspect of the video is this gorgeous Maine Coon who behaves like a teddy bear ?. The lion cut is somewhat problematic because they say you have to sedate a cat in order to do it and I’ve heard that sometimes the cat is put under a general anaesthetic, which is dangerous. The potential danger of a general anaesthetic certainly outweighs the potential benefits of a lion cut.

Maine Coon gets a teddy bear haircut and blow dry plus stud tail treatment

Maine Coon gets a teddy bear haircut and blow dry plus stud tail treatment. Screenshot.

There are some ethical arguments about giving cats a haircut like this. I understand the arguments. Nature is best. We shouldn’t interfere. However, it is hard to deny the potential benefits of a teddy bear cat: less matting, cooler in hot climates. And I don’t think the cat minds.

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Stud tail

I should add a little note about the stud tail problem. As you can see in the video it presents as a greasy area on the tail near its base. It is a condition which is similar to acne because it is caused by over secretion of the sebaceous glands.

You may see an accumulation of waxy brown material. In severe cases the hair follicles become infected. There can become matted and greasy and it may have a rancid smell. The hair may fall out. It is most common in unneutered males. It may occur in neutered males and females.

The treatment is to wash the tail twice a day with a medicated shampoo and sprinkle cornstarch or baby powder on the base. It is a chronic condition and requires regular management. You might wish to discuss the condition with your veterinarian because I am not a qualified vet.

This pet groomer appears to me to be excellent. Not all pet groomers are as good judging by the stories that I have read about them.

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There are some more articles about pet groomers below which may interest you.

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6 Responses

  1. tamara beinlich says:

    Mike you’re going to love this video and cat. While she looks like a Maine Coon I think she’s probably a Norwegian Forest cat. I watched the video 3 times, never saw a cat like this girl, lol.

    • She is amazing. It looks like she is burning up a lot of pent-up energy when she goes outside. It is unusual to see a domestic cat want to run so quickly and be so energetic when going outside. It’s nice to see a place in the country where a cat can run like this and enjoy nature without the possibility of being run over by a vehicle.

  2. tamara beinlich says:

    I hate Australia! The SOB homeowner put the trap in a tree!

    • Yes, after years of propaganda from the country’s authorities that feral and domestic cats are pests and the country’s enemies, some citizens decide to be cruel to cats.

  3. tamara beinlich says:

    By the end you could see by the cats ears he had enough! LOL. He must bite when he gets a bath and blow dry that’s why the ball was on his head. I enjoyed the video. While long hair cats are beautiful they must be groomed it’s why I prefer shorthaired cats. 🙂

    • Yes, he seems to be a very well-behaved cat: adorable actually. But any self-respecting domestic cat can take so much handling and this is quite vigorous handling of various kinds so it does not surprise me one bit that he bit!

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