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Maine Coon gets a teddy bear haircut and a blow dry plus stud tail treatment! — 6 Comments

  1. Mike you’re going to love this video and cat. While she looks like a Maine Coon I think she’s probably a Norwegian Forest cat. I watched the video 3 times, never saw a cat like this girl, lol.

    • She is amazing. It looks like she is burning up a lot of pent-up energy when she goes outside. It is unusual to see a domestic cat want to run so quickly and be so energetic when going outside. It’s nice to see a place in the country where a cat can run like this and enjoy nature without the possibility of being run over by a vehicle.

  2. By the end you could see by the cats ears he had enough! LOL. He must bite when he gets a bath and blow dry that’s why the ball was on his head. I enjoyed the video. While long hair cats are beautiful they must be groomed it’s why I prefer shorthaired cats. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, he seems to be a very well-behaved cat: adorable actually. But any self-respecting domestic cat can take so much handling and this is quite vigorous handling of various kinds so it does not surprise me one bit that he bit!

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