Maine Coon is treated to a ‘cataccino’ at Starbucks in adorable video

Maximus the Maine Coon visited Starbucks the other day and enjoyed a creamy cappuccino which you can see in this adorable, viral video. It’s all about the cream and not the coffee. The video starts with an image of the Starbucks menu which includes a “Pup Cup”. We are used to seeing dogs eat anything but you don’t see many Maine Coons enjoying a cappuccino. Correction, this is a ‘catuccino’ or ‘cataccino’.

Maximus enjoys his cappuccino

Maximus enjoys his cappuccino. Screenshot.

TikTok user @maximusthemainecoon had a really good idea to make a viral video. She wanted it to go viral and expected it to, and it has! She took Maximus through a Starbucks drive-through.

I’m sure the Starbucks employees were surprised to see a Maine Coon sitting in the front seat waiting for their cappuccino. They must have seen some dogs before but a cat? I doubt it. And such a beautiful cat.

Maximus couldn’t get enough of it. At the end of the video, you can see how much she enjoyed that cream as it’s all over his chin.

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The commenters on TikTok have got it right. Jodi said: “My cats love their whipped cream! They get a little bit twice a day-after breakfast and after dinner”.

Another commenter thought that that comment might provoke some trolling but it hasn’t. The point is that in general domestic cats are lactose intolerant. Therefore, if they drink milk or eat too much cream, it can cause diarrhoea but a little treat goes a long way and it made Maximus very happy. And I would doubt whether a small quantity of cream would cause digestive problems. I hope not.

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And at the end of it all, Maximus is completely zonked out having experienced the delights of a visit to Starbucks and one of their delicious cappuccinos.

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