Maine Coon Kitten with Spectacles and Tufts

The spectacles refer to the white fur around the eyes. Cat breeders sometimes call the appearance ‘spectacles’. The tufts are the lynx tips at the tip of the ears and these ones are particularly outstanding. This is the hallmark of the Maine Coon as is the strong, square shaped muzzle which is very evident on this kitten. This kitten also has an interesting shade of brown coat. It is a bit chocolaty.

Maine Coon kitten
Maine Coon kitten with specs and tufts!
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I suppose if you are adopting a Maine Coon kitten and want to feel secure in the knowledge that you are adopting a genuine Maine Coon the following aspects of anatomy are a very good starting point: lynx tipped ears and strong muzzle (there are other aspects – see them here). The spectacles are not linked to the Maine Coon. They are seen on other cat breed particularly the wild cat hybrids.

This kitten is a brown tabby-and-white, which nicely suits the Maine Coon as it is more natural and wild looking reflecting the history of this cat breed as a farm cat in America over the preceding 300 years.

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