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Maine Coon loves to swim in the pool (charming video)

“I thought she wanted to go into the pool. It was a natural thing for Tissy. She’s been swimming with Taylee ever since.” – Sonny Herr.

Tissy in the pool. Photo: Louis B Reudinger.

This is a charming video. It is unusual. Tissy a fairly rare cat because she genuinely enjoys going for a swim in the family’s pool. She is a ginger tabby Maine Coon. She has a nice little float around her waist. It is very cute.

She is a rescue cat. She likes to take a dip in the pool with Mr and Mrs Herr’s daughter, Taylee. You see her hugging Tissy in the pool.

“They are two peas in a pod and Tissy is Taylee’s sidekick. We put the floatie on Tissy after a few minutes of swimming because I’m not sure how long a cat can swim and I don’t want her to overexert herself,” Jennifer Herr said.

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