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Maine Coon Mistaken For A Bobcat — 7 Comments

  1. Are you kidding?
    How could this MC ever be mistaken for my beloved bobcat?
    Does anyone see pointed, wisped ears, short hair, or black/brown bars down the legs?

    • Humankind can sometimes show its ignorance and fear. This is one such occasion. I think when people are frightened of wild animals because they are inherently frightened people; this colours their viewpoint and it colours what they see so they start thinking slightly irrationally.

  2. If this cat is eating a pound of food daily, it is way too much. IMHO, it is a recipe for diabetes and an entire host of health issues. My Maine Coon was a hefty 19-20-lbs at one time and my vet freaked. He told me that, although MCs are known to be big, they should be long, not wide. This cat looks both. I wonder how much exercise he gets? After putting my MC on a healthy diet and introduced a lot of play (it wasn’t easy either), she now weighs in at a svelte 13-lbs! Hope this cat lover is following vet instructions. Such a gorgeous cat!

    • Totally agree. Maine Coons are big boned but not automatically hefty cats. Lots of them are not far removed from regular+ size.

      • This cat doesn’t look particularly wide to me though it’s difficult to say with all this fur. He seems pretty agile, and when he opens the door, he looks fairly well proportionate if you account for the fur. You’d need to feel him to be sure.

        A pound a day does sound like too much, but she is likely exaggerating.

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