Maine Coon Mistaken For A Bobcat

This is an example of how a large house cat can be mistaken for a medium-sized wild cat such as the American bobcat. In this instance I’m referring to a twenty-seven pound Maine Coon cat called Spock. They say he is no ordinary house cat and that when you pick him up you have to have a strong back! However, for a Maine Coon cat he is not that unusual although he is at the top end of size for this cat breed which is the largest cat breed in the world excepting wild cat hybrids.

Maine Coon weighing twenty seven pounds
Spock – a Maine Coon weighing twenty seven pounds
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Spock likes to sit at the window in his home in San Jose, California. The trouble is that sometimes Animal Control gets called to his home because people get freaked out when they walk past the house and see him in the window believing that the owner and occupier of the house is living with a wild cat. Perhaps they believe something illegal is occurring and the neighbourhood is being endangered. It is amusing but there is serious aspect to it. Some people like to shoot wild cats and he got out…..

Colleen Pizarev is Spock’s human caretaker. Apparently, she has been approached on several occasions by people claiming that she’s got a wild cat living with her, so says her neighbour Terry Reilley.

In addition to being a very large domestic cat together with the specified problem which that brings to his owner, Spock is an intelligent cat who likes to do his own thing which is to open doors (see video), watch videos and to inadvertently break everything that happens to be in his path.

Colleen has “Spock-proofed” the home; she has stuck ornaments down with earthquake putty!

For the record, we can see that Spock is a classic, brown tabby Maine Coon with a bit of white on his face. No doubt, the tabby coat is a major reason why he gets mistaken for a bobcat because, after all, if he had almost any other coat type such as black or white he would not be in this position and neither would his owner. The Maine Coon has a mane of sorts (a ruff) and the bobcat has something similar. The bobcat weighs between nine and forty pounds so the Spock is definitely big enough to be mistaken for a bobcat.

Not infrequently we received reports of people spotting wild cats roaming around their backyard or nearby and I think we have to say that on some occasions, at least, they are mistaking a large domestic cat for a wild one.

Source: AC7News

7 thoughts on “Maine Coon Mistaken For A Bobcat”

  1. Are you kidding?
    How could this MC ever be mistaken for my beloved bobcat?
    Does anyone see pointed, wisped ears, short hair, or black/brown bars down the legs?

    • Humankind can sometimes show its ignorance and fear. This is one such occasion. I think when people are frightened of wild animals because they are inherently frightened people; this colours their viewpoint and it colours what they see so they start thinking slightly irrationally.

  2. If this cat is eating a pound of food daily, it is way too much. IMHO, it is a recipe for diabetes and an entire host of health issues. My Maine Coon was a hefty 19-20-lbs at one time and my vet freaked. He told me that, although MCs are known to be big, they should be long, not wide. This cat looks both. I wonder how much exercise he gets? After putting my MC on a healthy diet and introduced a lot of play (it wasn’t easy either), she now weighs in at a svelte 13-lbs! Hope this cat lover is following vet instructions. Such a gorgeous cat!

    • Totally agree. Maine Coons are big boned but not automatically hefty cats. Lots of them are not far removed from regular+ size.

      • This cat doesn’t look particularly wide to me though it’s difficult to say with all this fur. He seems pretty agile, and when he opens the door, he looks fairly well proportionate if you account for the fur. You’d need to feel him to be sure.

        A pound a day does sound like too much, but she is likely exaggerating.


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