Maine Coon that looks like a lynx

This is an unusual coat type for the Maine Coon and as such the picture caught my eye as I saw a likeness to the Canada lynx skimming over their snowy landscape. My God, I love the lynx (and the Maine Coon 💓). This Maine Coon’s coat looks like a shaded silver. The hair strands are ‘tipped’ meaning the top of the hair is dark with lighter, off-white fur below going down to the skin. And this Maine Coon has ‘snowshoes’ too! I am referring to the ‘socks’ on his/her feet. The snowshoe cat breed always has white socks! I guess it has to because of the name.

Maine Coon that looks like a lynx
Maine Coon that looks like a lynx. Image: MikeB
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Some common features of the Maine Coon and lynx!

There is a slight overlap between the Maine Coon (MC) and the lynx. The huge MCs are a similar size to female lynx. And the MC is a former barn cat, semi-feral. Not much difference to the wild cat species.

And, of course, the famous ‘lynx-tipped’ ears of the MC describing the hair tufts growing out of the tip of the ear flaps are named after the lynx for the obvious reason that this medium-sized wild cat has super-tufts growing out of their ear flaps.

The ‘elastic’ appearance of the Maine Coon

Selective breeding can almost be like pottery! Working with clay. Moulding objects into the shape and appearance that appeals to the creator. I don’t like it because I like pure and natural. But in general, the public love the exotic and different.

The MCs that look like humans are an example of this. I have given this grumpy man a grumpy, human Maine Coon fury hat 😎.

Maine Coon with human face and grumpy man
Maine Coon with human face and grumpy man. Image: MikeB

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