Maine Coon with Van Coat Photo

This is a Helmi Flick photo of an impressive Maine Coon show cat with a nice Van coat: inverted ‘V’ on forehead and darker tail.

Cat Coats: The Van Pattern

The cat’s full show name is: OD IW SGC Fogcity Distilled of Chemicoons. What a fancy name. The coat is what I call a Van-type. The same pattern as is on the Turkish Van. You can see a classic show cat Turkish Van by clicking on this link. The face is very Maine Coon. In a crude way I associated Maine Coons with strong square muzzles, large lynx-tipped ears and a nice disposition. The CFA Maine Coons (MC) are said to be ‘prettier’ than TICA MCs but this cat is a TICA MC and he is very pretty! The photo was taken in Atlanta, Georgia.

At Last Cats Maine Coon Gevalia and Blush


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