Maine Coon Ziggy Pictures

Ziggy is a gorgeous brown tabby Maine Coon. Solid stature. Big presence. You name it, he has it. I thought I’d upload a half dozen pictures of him by Helmi Flick against different colored backgrounds and in different poses. It is a chance to see a fine example of the Maine Coon. So if you’re a big Maine Coon fan you might like to linger here awhile. Some people say that the best coat type and color for the Maine Coon is the brown tabby, perhaps because it is the quintessential domestic cat coat – the original and more natural. That suits this cat’s long American history.

This is a gallery so if you click on the picture you’ll be able to see it large and fully formatted on a new page. You can then see Ziggy in detail. Please use the browser back button to return to this page.

The Maine Coon is probably the most popular purebred, pedigree cat in the world. If that honor does not go to the Maine Coon it will be the Siamese or Bengal. It is used be the Persian, which is still in the top five most popular I would have thought.

15 thoughts on “Maine Coon Ziggy Pictures”

  1. I love Quin! Great shots. I’ve seen most of Ziggy’s pix before, that one with the dangling paw is one of my all time favorite Maine Coon pix. It gives the impression that he is too big for the stage he’s on. It adds to the big cat image of the cat. Great stuff.

  2. Best breed definitely! Maine Coons have such an amazing character and their vocabulary is something else! I say to my Maine Coon ‘love you Ozzie’ he looks at me and replies mmmmm just as if he is saying mmmm I know you do 🙂

    The Tabby in the pictures is beautiful however Black Maine Coons have their own sort of charm for not being Black but Auburn in places and a Smokey Grey underneath.

    Perhaps when I get round to it maybe you could put some photos of him on your website Michael? I would do it but if you could maybe you could ‘do your thing’ with them to enhance as I know you’re very talented with making photos better.


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