Maine Coons: Lena and Jack

Maine Coons Lena and Jack. Photo copyright Helmi Flick.

Maine Coons Lena and Jack. Photo copyright Helmi Flick.

Lena and Jack are siblings. You can tell the gender of these cats from their facial expressions and appearance. I think you can. Their respective sizes are also a factor. I don’t know much about these individual cats. The picture was posted by Christie L. Montgomery on Facebook. I know Christie. She helps to run Texas Maine Coon Rescue to which this website has donated monthly for the last 5 or more years. I believe, also, that she runs Koonary Maine Coons. My memory is a bit hazy about that. Perhaps Christie will comment. Thank you for posting this picture, Christie. They are both superb individual cats and I love the Maine Coon.

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      • In my life I have had only 2 pedigrees. Normally go for moggies but we happened to stumble on a Maine Coon cat show one day and that was it we were smitten! Couldn’t have one at the time but we did when we lost our beloved Benji 6 years ago. Maine Coons are just wonderful companions as well as looking amazing just love him so much 🙂

    • Phew, thanks Dan. I thought people were going to disagree with me. To me they do have the appearance of a male and female cat but it is often quite a fine difference but in this instance the difference in size is quite a big factor.

    • Well, I made a decision that Lena, the female, is the ginger tabby while Jack is the cat on the right-hand side (facing them as seen by us). He is a brown tabby and white, which I think is the best coat type for this breed. It is interesting that for me Jack looks like a male cat, while also for me Lena has a slight hint of the female about her but clearly that is up for grabs, that assessment. It may be that I am anthropomorphising the domestic cat. There’s quite a lot of complex personal baggage involved, possibly, when a person tries to judge a cat’s sex from their facial appearance. I don’t know.

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