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      • In my life I have had only 2 pedigrees. Normally go for moggies but we happened to stumble on a Maine Coon cat show one day and that was it we were smitten! Couldn’t have one at the time but we did when we lost our beloved Benji 6 years ago. Maine Coons are just wonderful companions as well as looking amazing just love him so much 🙂

    • Phew, thanks Dan. I thought people were going to disagree with me. To me they do have the appearance of a male and female cat but it is often quite a fine difference but in this instance the difference in size is quite a big factor.

    • Well, I made a decision that Lena, the female, is the ginger tabby while Jack is the cat on the right-hand side (facing them as seen by us). He is a brown tabby and white, which I think is the best coat type for this breed. It is interesting that for me Jack looks like a male cat, while also for me Lena has a slight hint of the female about her but clearly that is up for grabs, that assessment. It may be that I am anthropomorphising the domestic cat. There’s quite a lot of complex personal baggage involved, possibly, when a person tries to judge a cat’s sex from their facial appearance. I don’t know.

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