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Major zoological park near Chicago allegedly traps, drowns and incinerates stray cats — 8 Comments

  1. All I have to say is “good for the zookeepers.”

    Cat-nutters shrug their shoulders concerning the horrific destruction unconfined cats wreak on native wildlife via hyper-depredation and disease transmission. I’m supposed to get upset at someone feeding feral cats to alligators?

    • Personally I’d like to feed you to the alligators. I’d smile while they tore you to bits. You are unwanted on this site and banned.

  2. I have no qualms in believing that this is true. Zoos in the UK can behave like ailurophobic psychopaths when stray cats enter the sacred enclosures of the poor animals trapped there, aka. The exhibits.

    Zoos are barbaric, hypocritical prisons. They have absolutely no true concern about conservation, nor make any real contribution to it.

    Near to me is a zoo run by ‘creationists’ If you gaze into the not too distant past you will also see that they don’t care about their own big cats and FIP. So if a zoo can treat Tigers with such disregard, it’s no surprise that a zoo in another country is treating cats with vile cruelty.

    To me, zoos are only about money & animal abuse churning animals over 1000s of miles to breed, oppression of natural behaviour, killing of “extra stock” (the result of a very dumb approach to husbandry) maybe breeding a few apes for vivisection, anything to male money. Only the money matters.

    If a zoo can happily kill infant animals, neglect animals with serious and contagious disease, kill adult animals ‘cos they aren’t pushing out enough cute, money making babies then what chance does an innocent little domestic cat have? As usual, none.

    Drowning is a particularly terrifying and agonised way to die.

    Rotten bastards, that’s me being polite.

    • House-cats kill all marsupials in zoos (and in all of Australia) from cats Toxoplasma gondii parasite….

      (remainder deleted because it is the work of a troll obsessed by toxoplasmosis…he is clinically insane having ingested….)

      • You cannot promote your obsession with toxoplasmosis on this site. Do it somewhere else as far away from humanity as possible.

  3. OMC. How could a zoological park be kind to their own animals, yet vindictively cruel to stray cats? How many “wandering cats” was this person speaking of? It sounds like they actively recruit these poor cats. This news is appalling and horrifying. 😫😱😭

    • Yes, I was shocked to read the comment. I have a horrible feeling that it’s all true. Quietly going on under the noses of law enforcement. Crime after crime. Cruelty after cruelty.

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