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“Make them little pricks pay for it.” No arrests made despite abuse being caught on video

WARNING by Michael: this is a distressing and shocking story of mindless cat cruelty for the amusement of a bunch or morons. The video is straight out of the best horror movie genre. IT IS THE LAUGHING WHICH IS CHILLING. Here are two screenshots:

Screenshots of cat cruetly for the amusement of idiots

This is a very disturbing situation involving a group of teenagers from Le Mars, Iowa. The video posted in this article showed a cat who will have to have multiple surgeries to correct the abuse done to her, which actually took place in Yankdon, South Dakota.

Injuries include a broken jaw and the tail had to be amputated (Facebook)

The video is very graphic so please use discretion before you uncover it. Riley Reuter has kept it posted in an effort to get justice for this poor injured kitty. I couldn’t get the video to embed, which is just as well since it’s really really difficult to watch.



It is very blurred and hard to see. I think people must see it to understand how moronic and mindless people – nearly always young males – can be when amusing themselves by being cruel to animals. It is a dark stain on humanity (Michael).

Twitter posts

Twitter post

Someone is ‘LMAO’ over this (Twitter)

Going to uni

What’s just as disturbing is they all graduated from the LeMars community and at least two are attending University of Iowa in the fall. The post from a fundraiser started to help with veterinary fees states:

Injuries and surgery

“In Mid June 2019, a video surfaced of a group of teenagers from Le Mars abusing a cat in South Dakota. In the video the cat is seen being body slammed to the ground by its tail and kicked around while the teenagers were laughing.

After the news spread, the cat was located and was severely injured. The cat was taken to the vet in Sioux Falls where it was determined her teeth were knocked out, her jaw was broken, and her tail was so damaged it had to be amputated.

Please consider helping this poor, defenseless animal. She did not ask for any of this and now will live the rest of her life not only with severe physical abnormalities, but most likely depression and a massive mistrust towards humans.

Any amount is appreciated and will be forwarded to All City Pet Care South (Veterinary Emergency Hospital) in Sioux Falls.”

You may also contact All City Pet Care South, on South Minnesota Avenue, also called the Veterinary Emergency Hospital in Sioux Falls. Cat Danielson is the account name.

Information from a trusted source came in describing some of the horrific injuries this poor cat suffered at the hands of these cruel teens.

“The cat has been located. It had to have extensive surgery. Its jaw was broken, teeth were busted out of his mouth, and his tail had to be removed as it was broken in several places. The vet said that the injuries are in the time frame in which this would have happened. The cat now has a cone on it, jaw wired shut, and the tail was removed as there was no circulation to the tail anymore. It has to go to the vet in a few weeks to get the wired jaw removed as well as the cone. It has been taking pain meds to deal w everything. The vet said everything was fixable, but a lot of surgeries.”



I’m told nothing has been done to the teens who abused this cat. I heard the police have been contacted by multiple people but no charges have been filed. It’s being said the police told them people were talking about their video. Riley and Matt Reuter are our ‘champions’ in getting the word out.

The big question here is why haven’t any of the teens been charged with animal cruelty? Do they have parents who can keep this quiet and thus keep these monsters out of the spotlight? I think that ship sailed when the video was taken. It should be allowed as evidence of their crime, and animal cruelty is a crime in all 50 states.

The most recent news is Yankdon Police and LeMars police are working together on the investigation since so many calls have come in.

Some of their names are mentioned in the comment section of the video page, but I’d be cautious to mention all of their names within this article unless I had a media source to back it up. This doesn’t mean those closer to the case can’t give information in the comment section.

I’ve included a few screenshots to get everyone started. Apparently a person believes they’re safe because they live in a different county and state than where the abuse took place…PLEASE do not threaten anyone if you do leave a comment.

One person commented on Riley’s Facebook page to “make them little pricks pay for it.” I second the motion.

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Elisa Black-Taylor

Elisa is an experienced cat caretaker and rescuer. She lives in the US. As well as being a professional photographer, Elisa has been a regular contributor to PoC for nine years. See her Facebook page.

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