Making a bed when you have a cat

This is a nice time lapse video showing the difficulties that one can have when you have a cat and you want to make your bed. It is a perfect opportunity for a cat to have some fun which naturally gets in the way of making the bed! It doesn’t matter because it’s all part of the fun of looking after a domestic cat. I suppose that there can only be one reason for this behaviour, which is that it is a superb opportunity for a cat to hide under the sheets or the duvet cover as they are being draped over the bed. This is really about a cat wishing to go into a small area which is covered.

Making a bed if you have a cat presents some special problems

Making a bed if you have a cat presents some special problems. Screenshot.

I can remember being at the cat breeder A1 savannahs in Oklahoma and Martin Stucki had bought a toy for F1 and F2 Savannah kittens which was a tunnel and they loved it of course. The point is that the same feline mentality that likes diving into a tunnel is the same as the one that likes getting into holes in a cat condo or climbing under a sheet or duvet cover when the beds being made. It is all a bit of fun and bed making with a cat is like playing with your cat from the cat’s point of view. The bed becomes a toy.

The reality of making bed when you have a cat ? Can you relate? ?❤️

The reality of making bed when you have a cat ? Can you relate? ?❤️


Posted by Purrtacular Videos on Friday, October 2, 2020

There is another important reason why cats love beds: they smell of their human. They are scent soakers in the language of Jackson Galaxy. Cats love the reassurance of the scent of their human caregiver.


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