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Making Routine Veterinary Care for Cats Easier for Kitties and their Guardians — 4 Comments

  1. We don’t really have much problem with vet visits. A very helpful suggestion is to spray the bedding in the cat carrier with Feliway. This helped to keep some of my beloved cats calm and serene on some very long journeys, and I’m sure it would also help many cats overcome their fears on trips to their doctors.

  2. We handle vet visits pretty well. We leave cat carriers fitted with blankets out for the cats to sleep in. when a cat has to go to the vet we have less stress thanks to the home carriers. Our vet is a small animal vet so we find dogs there as well as other critters. We put the carrier where it is not accessible to the other animals there. The vet has two resident cats that our cats know and the vet office cats will visit and sniff at the carrier doors. If we need the vet to come to the apartment she is happy to visit. When we have to leave a cat at the vet we always take a towel and rub it all over our faces and then have that towel put in their cage. So many little things help to ease their fears.

  3. Samirah hates vet visits and cab rides, but I decided to that it’s best that she endure the cab ride. I don’t want her to be fearful of the apartment; it’s taken her long enough to relax and feel safe here. I believe being treated and examined in the apartment would make her even more fearful of home. She reacts very badly to the maintenance men when they come in and she hides for hours. After they leave she will not come out unless all the lights are on in the apartment and she is reassured that they’re not hiding somewhere, ready to pounce on her.

    Her vet runs a feline-only practice. I am very satisfied with him and his staff. One change I did make was ditching the usual hard plastic cat carrier in favor of a soft-sided Sherpa carrier. Samirah likes that much better; during the cab ride she pushes against the side of the carrier and presses into the side of my leg. Her physical contact with me calms her down considerably. When we return home she knows she’s safe.

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