Making Tattoo Ink Out Of Cat Hair Is a Misconceived Concept

I been reading about making tattoo ink out of cat hair so that the cat owner can carry around their cat with them for the rest of their life when their beloved cat companion has passed on. I think that this idea has taken hold with regard to tattoos injected into humans but now a Swiss business called Skin46 has taken it up in using cat hair. I suppose that they decided to do this because cats are so popular and a lot of people would like their cat to be with them after their cat has passed on. I am one of those people which is why I have the ashes of my cats in the living room.

Tattoo artist making ink from cat fur
Tattoo artist making ink from cat fur. Tattoo Artist Roman Abrego and Model Kathrin Toelle
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However, in order to ensure that the product which is injected under the skin is pure the business incinerates the cat hair at a very high temperature to produce pure carbon free of all impurities. In doing this, it occurred to me, that all traces of the cat’s DNA must also be removed.

The only occasion when DNA can survive a cremation is if some bone fragments or some teeth are left un-cremated. Inside these fragments there might be some DNA but this would not apply to the process of using cat hair as a base for tattoo ink. The particles have to be extremely fine and extremely pure. This reinforces my argument that if a cat owner wants to have their cat under their skin in a tattoo they are not going to achieve it because there’s no DNA in the tattoo ink.

There are some arguments about whether DNA can be left over after cremation but my understanding of the situation is that there is not unless for the reasons mentioned above. Therefore, in this instance in keeping the ashes of my cats in my living room, I am simply pandering to my emotions. It is not real that I’m keeping my dearly departed cats with me. It is an emotional response. That said, by the way, there are some bone fragments in the ashes so perhaps there is some DNA left.

The photograph on this page shows a model with the large cat tattoo on her right thigh. She wanted a bit of her cat under her skin and she believes it has worked. I don’t want to divest her of that thought but in reality I think it is an illusion. The photograph shows the man who applied the tattoo. No doubt it is good business but I think it is a business founded upon a misconception. He charges $700 for the tattoo ink. The tattoo is extra.

Another similar concept is making jewelry from the cremated remains of your cat. Once again I doubt that this works for the same reason.

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2 thoughts on “Making Tattoo Ink Out Of Cat Hair Is a Misconceived Concept”

  1. Oh good grief!!! I have my cats’ and dogs’ ashes on my bookcase. When iI pass over The Bridge, I will be cremated and my ashes mixed with my beloved pets and we will return to the earth. That way, we take up no valuable land and may even do the earth some good.

  2. If the carbon in the ink is from the cat in question then the goal has been achieved.
    It is something that has crossed my mind in regards to Kitten. Of course finding someone who can and that you trust to 100% above board is another thing.

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