Malaysia cat (Antipodean)

Malaysia cat (Antipodean)

by Sufi

Hello there..congratulation on ur exclusive cat blog. I’m interested with the rare breed section which stated that Malaysia cat is a rare cat. I’m a cat lover too..but not a professional one.

I myself don’t even know how Malaysian cat look like..but sure there’s a lot of stray cat here. Some cat’s owner here tend to leave their cat at the that the cat can easily get their food. I’ll send u some of the common cat picture that can be found here some other time. Bye

Thanks for this. I’ll be pleased to see some of the cats found in Malaysia.

POC Admin

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Malaysia cat (Antipodean)

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Apr 13, 2011 I love cats!!13/4 – 2011
by: Fatin Aqilah

Im a cat lover too.I’m malaysian annd i’ve always wanted to have a cat but my dad says i’ll get one in Malaysia.

Jun 24, 2010 Hallo
by: ahmad sya

Hallo there, I’m from indonesian I’m cat lover too. I have many cat specially persian cats. Now I’m member in Fife….mybe next time I can posting picture my cat.

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