Male Bengal cat has ‘kids’ with gray female to create mixed offspring

I like pictures of cats. The photograph shows a male Bengal cat with an all-gray female (with a very thin coat), who are the parents, with their ‘kids’, a mixed bag with one a carbon copy of his ‘dad’. We don’t know why the female’s coat is so thin. She appears to be suffering from hair loss. I’m not going to speculate as to why but I’ve seen this sort of hair loss before. It is a general sort of hair loss.

Domestic cat family sleeps. This is a Bengal male with a gray female and their mixed litter

Domestic cat family sleeps. This is a Bengal male with a gray female and their mixed litter. The female’s coat is very thin for some reason. There is definitely hair loss there. Photo:

Two of the kittens are gray tabby-and-whites, while two others are solid gray but I detect a little bit of tabby in them. The 5th is the carbon copy of father. It is a very nice picture of a domestic cat family, pleasantly arranged I suspect by the photographer!

Even if they were arranged, they certainly played their part as they appear to be absolutely static and genuinely snoozing which is strange as the surface is bloody hard and unforgiving. This would not, in my opinion, be a mating between two cats arranged by a cat breeder because they don’t, I believe, put together a purebred cat i.e. the Bengal cat and a non-purebred cat which I believe is the grey female. Of course, I may be wrong so I confess that I am speculating but that is the way it looks to me.

Other what I have decided I know nothing about these cats who I saw on and took the opportunity to repost the image here.

I hope you like it.


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