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  1. My dominant, whiny, over affectionate Tonkinese has been spraying downstairs, I think this might be because he feels threatened by other cats, he particularly does it on the back of the sofa by the lounge window, but has also been doing it on boxes of my books (arghh!!), on the lounge door, against the stereo in the lounge and on the kitchen cupboards. The lounge seems to be the main target. He doesn’t appear afraid of the neighbourhood cats even though he has been bitten, and has been known to go up to them and even play with them. He seems to do it if I have been outside and left him and when I come back in he does it. I suspect over attachment and have now been trying seperation therapy, ie shutting him out of the bedroom all night or out of the lounge when I am watching TV, to try and toughen him up a bit. Some websites appear to suggest this as some sort of psychological therapy. I have tried Feliway and valerian compound and I dont want to put him on drugs. Right now as I type he is stressing out meowing, knocking things over and attention seeking. I’ve just shut him out of the room again. Am I doing the right thing. (PS I have spoken to the vet about cystitis, crystals, URIs and although she thinks this is unlikely I am taking a sample in tomorrow)

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