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Male Domestic Cats Respond Less Well Than Females to Calls from Kittens — 3 Comments

  1. I have a few domesticated altered cats, so I’m not an expert on this subject.
    But, what I know is that a feral male sperm donor has no interest in his offspring (nor, the offspring of his other many encounters). However, a mother cat is exquisitely in tuned with her babies.
    It seems odd to me since some big wild cats help nurture and raise their young, like lions. Even coyotes do the same, though not in the same family ofcourse.
    The apple of today’s cat didn’t fall far from their big cat ancestors; so, why is it different today?

  2. I just realized I said the same thing that Michael did, but the scientists simply don’t get cats yet, do they? Even when they set up experiments they break their own rules by expecting a certain outcome based on anthropomorphic pre-conceptions. I know they need to hypothesize, but they should know by now that they have a poor record of explaining cat behavior.

  3. This is so funny because I was just thinking about adding a line to my dating profile that I don’t dig kids, and photos of ladies cooing babies don’t get me going. I disliked my father, never married or had kids so I know what my deal is, but I’ve noticed that all my male cats have been more attentive to miaows from any cat OR human babies than my female cats. The guys are better buddies, rescuers and snugglers too, though I’ve had a fair share of “daddies’ girls”. So, I’m not sure if this wasn’t instead an indicator of momma-type cats simply reserving their energy for the more necessary cries from kittens. All my male cats have been gallant and very paternal though none of them were fathers that I know of.

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