Male Female Kitten Names

I have arranged these male and female kitten names in a sort mosaic. The idea was to make it look more interesting! I hope it does not irritate though…

Paris wet cat Tommy
Zina Jack Felix
Rex cat curled up Thing
Mr Bean Red Rashida
Maggie Toto
Zarina Moppet
Laddie Annie
Halima cat face Max
Sparky Lucy
Spock Ace black cat
Sam Zorro
Sasha Princess
tuxedo cat face Kambo Twister
Sadie Corky
Femi Pemba
Timmy Keisha
Chipo Abbie Trigger
Shaggy Tigger
Brandy black cat white cat Pickles
Sooty Snowflake
Thurston Barney
Lucky Bodger
Buddy Starsky
Snuggles Duffy
Sassy black cat
Pax Buster
Otis cat in sun Sweep
Tao Bugsy
Babe Woody
Pixie Charlie
Growlzer Sparky
Norwegian Forest Cat Bruiser Howie
Sebastian Big Boy
Hunter Elrond
Jimbo Bomber cat with hat Pooky
cat on roof Bubba
Sonny Rusty
Boswell Pongo
Frodo Spunky
Bazza Bug Honey
Chopper cat in black and white Kosta Lot Burmese cat Gypsy
Skipper Spud
Fang Cosmo
Matty Raven
Sparky   Potsy
Slim Dozer cat with large claws
Skipper Roscoe
Tuffy Minty
cat head and shoulders Bullet Batty Chansu
Moxie Thumper
Payton Rocket
Yo-yo Emmitt
Lefty cat nose Hoot
Sassy Pugsley
Boris Rambo
Tuffy Waddles Chipper
Kermie ginger cat Tonka
Fraser ginger cat Tassie Atticus
cat face Kenzo
Asahi Bones
Pucci Boomer Pongo
Sonic Butch
Snookie Buttons
Harley Grey cat

Black cat names
More male and female kitten names, this time for black cats – here is a comprehensive list.

Male Female cat names – Photos – these are credits/aknowledgements from left to right and from top to bottom – all are published under a creative commons license and are Flickr photographers – thanks for the license:

  1. Wet cat by Rendering Intent
  2. Orange cat curled up by hale_popoki
  3. Cat Face by onkel_wart (only… 
  4. Black cat by ƒernando
  5. B & W cat face by Mindaugas Lickus
  6. Black cat by Fort Photo (above Sooty)
  7. Cat above Snowy by Mystic200
  8. Just above Buster by *MarS
  9. cat in hat by Abear23
  10. Just above Sebastien by Halo Efekti
  11. Cat next to Taffy by mefistofelicat /…
  12. Cat next to Chopper by J. Star
  13. Cat on roof by ►Voj►
  14. Cat in sun on red by splityarn
  15. Long haired pointed cat left of Gypsy by fabiogis50
  16. Black and White tabby cat above Moxie by Oli.Co
  17. Ginger cat head and shoulders by Steffe
  18. Ginger and white cat by ciao gatto ruggiero…
  19. Cat nose by KarolusLinus
  20. Cat face close up by clappstar
  21. Grey cat by Ed from Ohio


  1. Blue – for Blue/grey cats such as the Russian Blue and a grey British Shorthair. See grey cat breeds.

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