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Male Tortoiseshell Cat Acts like a Masculinized Female Rather Than a true Male — 9 Comments

  1. Here’s another possible topic: the Salmonella strains. We’re pretty much immune. [Huge plus.] That’s why I know I can lick my cat’s face. I can also prove it, for myself, anyway. And here’s another topic. Have you asked any mice what they transfer to cats when they are eaten? 😉 Tell your readers. It’s truly humorous. Another thing. My Shrimpie smiled all the time with me. We could exchange *yawns* ho-hum back and forth for thirty seconds. I just wish that I could lay my ears back the way he could. God, I miss him so very much. Eh

      • That is him, my Avatar. Hey. I’m using a phone, Michael. I have no CompuServe, nothing in my apartment. So I can’t always see your website. Please tell them about adopting. They really don’t want what they see. They want what they truly appreciate.

  2. Great article, Michael. The XXY chromosome link to a male tortoiseshell cat’s color and personality traits makes perfect sense. I love reading the folklore surrounding them.😎

      • Are you sure, Michael? I doubt it’s 25. Where did you get that? I’m thinking more like 10. As far as the tortoiseshell kittens, I be never even seen a male. Wow. Shows how much I know. Nothing. My grandmother had a lot of people on the farm, and I never saw a single male. Who vets these statistics? Thanks. I had no clue. Well, shows how much I’ve ever known. Aspergers hasn’t helped me much.

        • Cats, not “people.” Which you probably gathered. I have a topic. This may be over the top for most, but I think it’s okay to lick your cat on the face, because it just doesn’t seem like enough to gently pull their fur like their mommacat did? Is there anyone out there who’s done this, besides me? Also, it is so much more fun to play together if you get down on all fours as an equal. Am I the *only* one who does this?

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