Mama Cat And Her Little Girl

Mama Cat And Her Little Girl

by Ray
(Texas, USA)

My Grandmother is the definition of a ‘crazy cat lady‘.

She loves cats, and sometimes I think she cares more for them than me!

Well, she lives in a small house with an average yard. She leaves cat-food out every day and soon feral cats from all over made her back porch their ‘second home.’

Including two very special cats – Mama Cat & Little Girl, a mother and her kit. They have been basically living in my grandma’s yard for about 9 years, which you know is a long time.

Mama Cat is actually starting to let my grandma pet her when she’s in the mood. Little Girl too – we think their ‘time’ is going to be soon.

But they have brought other cats into the yard including – Scar, Lilly, Rose, Pancho, and at least 10 others.

They have seemed to form their own ‘clan’. (If you have read the Warriors books) and live in peace with each other. It really is a beautiful site. If you just leave a wee bit of cat food by a tree or in a small bowl, you can bring a lot of cats their happiness.

– Thank You for hearing my story.


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Mama Cat And Her Little Girl

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Aug 17, 2010 I’m a “crazy cat lady” as well!
by: Georgina

I used to have 3 cats of my own and I now look after 8 (6 of which come indoors) all my friends call me the crazy cat lady (in an affectionate way) like that lady from the simpsons. Only thing is I’m only 24 years old so how many cats will I have by the time I’m a grandma!!!

Jul 16, 2010 You Go Grandma!
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Your grandma is a very special person. She obviously has a very deep respect and love for all of her ‘adopted’ kitties. Well done!

Just curious – Does your area have a TNR program? (TNR = Trap, Neuter, Return) Ferals are humanely caught, spayed/neutered and then returned to the colony they came from. That way, it assures the feral population stays in check.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.

Jul 16, 2010 Unsung heroine
by: Michael

Your grandmother is one of the feral cat unsung heroes. She does it without recognition. She does it to help cats who need help.

Well done your grandmother.

Michael Avatar

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