Man Adopts 15-year-old Cat with Terminal Cancer

This is a cat story which warms the heart. It shows us the better side of human nature which is something that we need to see to reinforce our belief in human nature. This little story is the opposite to being addicted to killing feral cats as one hunter declared to the world on Facebook.

A ginger cat was found in a garden in the North of England. He had collapsed and was on his last legs. Those who found him believed that he had been hit by a car as blood was oozing out of his head. There was no microchip and therefore it was impossible to identify him and his owner.

Frank. Comfy.
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A veterinarian called the local rescue centre, Yorkshire Cat Rescue, and they agreed to take him in. The vet diagnosed cancer tumours in both his ears. The tumours were inoperable. He was emaciated and exhausted. All they could do was make him comfortable and to ensure that the remainder of his life was as pleasant as possible.

As is so commonplace amongst cats who are in distress, especially older cats, he had a wonderful character. He was fed well by the rescue center and the purrs started to flow. They don’t know how he ended up the way did. They named him “Frank”.

Over the following few days, Frank recovered in the company of Barbara, a volunteer at Yorkshire Cat Rescue. They had to find a home for him. The rescue centre agreed to pay his medical bills for what would be short-term palliative care.

Despite Frank’s difficult life he is one of the most loving cats we have ever seen says the centre manager for Yorkshire Cat Rescue, Sam Davies.

Having been well fed and treated for the usual fleas and worms, a wonderful guy called Luke Turner from Halifax agreed to provide him with a permanent home.

Luke said:

“When I heard that Frank needed a home, I just had to volunteer. This is a cat who probably doesn’t have long to live. How can you not step up and give him the final bit of comfort?”

Frank was very weak and Luke would carry him up and down stairs and spoil him. Frank liked a good scratch. He liked it so much that he would dribble when being scratched and when he purred.

I love this story as there is a huge amount of tenderness associated with it. There is a genuine sensitivity and warmth provided to a cat who does not have long to live and who has terminal cancer. Luke’s behaviour was completely altruistic. It was his gift to Frank. The important point is this: he received a gift in return, the pleasure of helping a cat through his last days with love and tender care.



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2 thoughts on “Man Adopts 15-year-old Cat with Terminal Cancer”

  1. Luke Turner will be blessed many times over. Frank is a gentle soul who came here for a reason. We can learn so much if we listen to our hearts.

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