Man Brings Cat to NFL Game?

Photographs always tell the truth don’t they? No they don’t. They can be misleading and this is one example.

Man takes cat to NFL game? No, this is not quite what happened and it proves that pictures can be misleading.
Man takes cat to NFL game? No, this is not quite what happened and it proves that pictures can be misleading.
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The headline describing the photograph above is, we have discovered, misleading. When I first saw the photograph I was minded to criticise the person because it gave the impression that this man had brought his cat to a large stadium with lots of people to watch an NFL game. You could see the impossibility of that going well. You could see the possibility of the cat running away with all that noise and being disturbed and ultimately being injured or lost. It is impractical to take a cat that way, meaning without lead or a carrier, to NFL game. Apparently, these matches are extremely noisy.

However, it transpired that the picture is not Photoshopped, which it could have been – the story is taken up by the person who took the photograph. The photographer explains everything very clearly (see below). This cat appears to be a stadium cat. The cat appears to wander around the stadium and is at home in the stadium. It is an interesting picture which asks questions and the answer has, luckily, come from the photographer.

“I took the photo and this is what actually happened not that fake UPDATE. He found the cat in the spiral walkway as they were heading into the game. Instead of giving it to security they just held on to it for the whole game. Around the beginning of the 4th quarter somebody told security and they came up trying to take the cat. After quite the protest from everyone to let him keep the cat, the packers fan ended up leaving with security and the cat. It seemed like they were going to let him keep it. Oh and the cat was pretty chill the whole game.”

One last point, I have presumed that the comment that the photographer made is truthful. In the opening sentence of this short article I question whether photographs always tell the truth. The same can be said about comments on the Internet, obviously. However, I sense that it is true. Stadium cats are not that uncommon in my experience. I’ve seen other examples of stadium cats.

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  1. I am guessing that this kind soul *adopted* this baby — at least that is what I am hoping happened. In any event, yes, I can understand how cats can be *stadium* residents — keeping vermin at bay for the stadium. Purraying that this baby has a safe home now. . . ♥♥♥


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