Man caught red-handed raping a neighbour’s cat

Man raped a cat in SA

Man raped a cat in SA. See the cat hairs on the shorts. Photo: RUSA

A South African man faces charges of bestiality after being caught completely naked raping his next-door neighbour’s cat.

Reaction Unit South Africa – RUSA received a call from a local woman. The woman had heard the screams of a cat in distress and went to investigate.

She entered the home of a man who has not been named and found him raping a cat from behind. He was holding the cat’s rear legs and having sex. He refused to stop when challenged. RUSA rushed to the scene and found him undressed. They noticed that his trousers were nearby and covered in cat hair.

Raped cat hiding in garden

Raped cat hiding in the garden. Photo: RUSA

The RUSA spokesman said that he went to the address himself to find the door locked. He broke in and went inside and:

“To my total shock I found a man indeed raping a cat. He was naked. I told him to get dressed and the cat ran off. There was cat fur all over his pants. He told me he was just playing with the cat then admitted he had raped it.”

Neighbours know that this man has been caught raping cats and dogs before. His girlfriend begged them not to report him to the police.

The cat had raced off into the garden. He or she has been caught and the SPCA are treating him. The cat must have internal injuries. I wouldn’t be surprised if these are quite severe and that the cat is euthanised. The alleged criminal has been handed over to the South African Police Service.

Common law offence – police not keen

In South Africa bestiality is a common law offence. This means that it is not a statutory crime. One South African online newspaper, Sowetan Live, reports that bestiality in South Africa is on the rise. This information comes from the SPCA. They say that these incidents are rife and most are not reported.

The police are not keen to investigate bestiality. This is obviously a very sad story. It’s human depravity and cat cruelty and it’s shocking that it is not uncommon in South Africa. That’s the depraved side of humans for you.

Fake news man raped cat SA

Fake news man raped neighbors cat SA

Source: The Sun

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3 Responses

  1. Jane says:

    Homo Sapiens have gone so very badly wrong. I cannot imagine how the poor cat could survive such revolting abuse.

    Not a crime? I see this kind of behaviour as a crime against all living beings. Common Law is the perfect excuse for the authorities to ignore violent sexual abuse of other species.

    Time to dig a new Oubliette, we are running out of space in the existing ones.

    It’s hard to read this, but thank you for bringing it out into the light, to educate all in the depths of human depravity.

    Poor, poor cat.

  2. Anonymous says:

    disgusting, hope someone rapes him

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