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Man comes out and says it, ‘I honestly prefer cats over humans’

Cohen’s catified home. Photo: Peter Cohen.

Peter Cohen said:

I honestly prefer cats over humans. I have trouble with humans, and the human world. I find it hard to understand the violence and the chaos. Cats don’t plot against you. If a cat’s mad at you, it will scratch you, and two seconds later it will expect to cuddle with you. They don’t hold grudges.

Here, here, I say. It certainly chimes with my thoughts. There are a lot of people who prefer cats over humans but very few declare it so publicly to the world because they are probably fearful of being seen as slightly wacky. Of course they are not but you know what society is like. You don’t want to be an outsider and perceived as crazy by your neighbours.

When people hear that I have this many cats, they literally think I’m crazy. And I believe they imagine a very dirty, crowded, smelly house and when they come to visit, they’re always surprised that’s not what they see.

An added interesting aspect of this man’s ‘coming out’ is that he used to be a dog man. He now has 26 cats in his home. And his home is beautiful, clean, catified and spacious. He has the skill to make it and create it like this because he is a property developer.

Peter Cohen lives in a fine looking Santa Barbara, California home. Yahoo tells me that he bought it with his brother to develop and sell it for a quick profit. Two events intervened; the housing crisis at the time and two stray cats came with the house. Under the circumstances he decided to keep all three and the rest is history as they say.

His skills with property construction allowed him to thoroughly catify his home. Jackson Galaxy would be proud. There is almost 300 feet of catwalks on the second floor together with 15 tunnels and 8 bridges. And there is a stonking great wheel for the cats to tire themselves out on.

The picture shows a great spiralling vertical space in what appears to be the kitchen. He sensibly admits that it is expensive looking after 26 cats. He says that he spends $3,000 to $4,000 per month on cat care. The catification project has cost between $100,000 to $150,000.

Wisely he says that anyone he dates has to like cats otherwise, ‘it’s not going to happen’.

Mr Cohen also runs non-profit, Zen By Cat which raises money and awareness to tackle Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). He has a live stream video on YouTube. Here it is:


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