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Man digging cats’ grave finds possible cause of their death — 3 Comments

  1. Actual prosecution of animal cruelty cases would be a deterrent to some of the more civil minded cat haters.
    Putting out a can of poisoned cat food shows intent and also means he lured them over there with the express intent of killing them. Legally he was entitled to be being compensated for his damaged property and had the right to set live traps that you can get from most animal control agencies. people engaging in self help need to be prosecuted.

    • Agreed and thanks ME. Mind you there would have to be some evidence to support the alleged poisoner’s assertion that the cats did damage his screen. I have doubts about that. I have doubts that cats from his neighbor would climb his screen. It is usual anyway. Perhaps he used it as an excuse. Perhaps the screen was damaged by him. That sounds more like it.

      • He gave his motive. BTW there are solutions to stray cats in your yard that cost much less than a lawyer.
        Baiting your yard to kill domestic pets is pretty much against the law period in the US.
        And once again we see why letting your cats roam may cost them their lives. Despite cat haters just hating the cats your cat may indeed be doing no harm to anyone’s property but by letting the roam you are exposing them to human predators and painful deaths.
        It doesn’t matter how much justice you get it does nothing to heal the pain. I know.

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