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Man-eating tigers in India 2020 — 2 Comments

  1. It is so sad that humans cannot appreciate tigers and give them a wide berth. It is human encroachment on the tiger’s birthlands that are of primary issue here. Unless humans wake up and stop overbuilding and overpopulating, eliminating the tiger’s natural habitat that the tiger may someday be extinct.

    • Gail, I’m afraid I have lost faith in humankind. Humans won’t change unless they are absolutely forced to and when it is in their self interest. I’m convinced of this. It has been a slow and relentless decline in biodiversity and the population numbers of the big cat species such as the tiger. It’s impossible to protect the tiger when the human population is expanding as it is. If you want to protect the cat species you are going to have to stop human population growth as a starting point. That’s impossible to envisage.

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