Man employs feeble excuse for cat cruelty

We cannot accept these feeble excuses for cat cruelty and abuse. In this instance a Japanese man living in the Fukushima prefecture, Ryo Jinbo, has been arrested on suspicion of violating Japan’s animal protection laws after he videoed himself throwing cats into a canal.

Throwing cat into water
This picture is here to simply illustrate the page for SEO reasons. It is not connected with the story. In the picture a cat is being thrown into water in a separate incident in the US.
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He allegedly did this on two separate occasions in December 2018 and January 2019. He uploaded the videos to YouTube. In the videos he can be seen grabbing the cats by their tails and throwing them into a canal.

We are told that he excuses his behaviour by saying that he was stressed at the time. It is not uncommon to hear these sorts of feeble excuses for cat cruelty. It is as if he is justifying his actions by saying that if he is cruel to cats it relieves his stress. How does that work? Cat cruelty cannot be excused.

You would have thought that it would increase stress. If he wants to relieve stress he should sit down quietly with a cat and pet her. He should let a cat slow him down and listen to a cat’s purr. These are the ways you let cats make you feel better and less stressed.

Often, cat cruelty originates in aggression and anger. For some people being cruel to a cat (or any animal) releases anger and aggression. This is similar, it seems to me, to self-harming. We hear about this a lot currently; usually girls self-harming to feel better. I’d rather that this Japanese man self-harmed. It would have been less selfish.

Cat should not be receptacles of human anger. They should not be a means to release anger. This is not their role in our lives. This Japanese man should reflect on his feeble excuse and accept that he needs help. He should agree that he’s a sadist and a nasty person who needs counselling because he gets pleasure from hurting animals. Perhaps he might hurt a person next or perhaps he already does this.

And then to upload a record of his crime and objectionable behaviour onto YouTube clearly demonstrates disturbed behaviour. He is advertising his misdeeds to the world as if he wants to attract attention to himself. Perhaps he hates himself. Perhaps he wants to be arrested and punished. There is no doubt that he is psychologically damaged. These feeble excuses for cat cruelty must stop.

Perhaps it is fair to say that more cat cruelty than we believe originates in human anger. Perhaps it is a way of lashing out at the world and these damaged people use the nearest creature as a target to release their anger which is often an innocent domestic or stray cat. Humans need to face up to this disgusting behaviour. They need to be honest with themselves. Mental health issues in humans appear to be on the increase so regrettably it would seem that this sort of deranged behaviour may well increase as well.

The story is on the website They do not tell us what happened to the cats. News media outlets need to do more to respect the cat who is so often a victim of cruel human behaviour. We need to know what happened to them and whether they are safe and well.

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14 thoughts on “Man employs feeble excuse for cat cruelty”

  1. You are both demonstrating a medieval level of ignorance about both self harming & mental ‘illness’

    I suggest you both get a room, where you can indulge your erroneous beliefs & continue to spread both ignorance & prejudice towards some of the most vulnerable & maligned members of the global human population.

    Utterly shameful.

    • Jane, rather than criticise why don’t you educate and tell us briefly the reason for self-harming. Do we know? Is it settled?

  2. Humans with mental “illness” are no more likey to commit acts of cruelty to each other or other species than someone who does not have a MH diagnosis.

    Again, please read up about the issue.

    People with a MH diagnosis face enough ignorance, prejudice, abuse & exclusion without having further inaccurate & harmful labels applied to them.

  3. Please read up about self harming.

    Please do not equate it or link it in any way to cruelty towards cats or other species.

    Thank you.

    • If a reader has information they feel could add clarity to a topic, I think that’s a fair way to go, except that it would be an undue changing of focus. I also think it’s fair and adequate to simply suggest other readers might do their own following up if they want. I see no problem with the article or the way this particular man of standing, authority and proven record of admirable intent expressed his opinion and concern as politely as he did. I do not think an admonishment was warranted at all. The problem is that mentally ill people need help so as to not harm themselves or others, especially innocent, vulnerable animals. Can we agree on that?

      • What admonishment?

        Quit with the fantasies Albert. The author is, I am sure, capable of defending what he chooses to publish, if he can be bothered.

        Looks like you could avail yourself of some education on the obvious & pertinent issues surrounding ignorance & prejudice regarding MH too.

        • I’m bothered that you’re now choosing to admonish me. I don’t recognize your standing to do that. You haven’t shared any additional information to support your position, which is still just a negative, defensive opinion aimed us both of us now. I’m left to guess what your end point is, which in this venue should be in favor of protecting animals and at least those who self-harm. How should they be dealt with? In society we have three choices: help cure them, criminalize and be done with them or declare them normal and acceptable and ignore them. I know Mr. Broad is very capable of explaining his rationale, which he already did in the original post, and I myself have a lifetime of education and experience regarding mental health problems being that one of my family members suffered from schizophrenia, and I suffered (past tense) from p.t.s.d. and major depression. I don’t pretend to be an expert or even an armchair psychologist but I did also major in psychology in college. I am well aware of the stigma of mental illness in society, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to callous prejudice, but point taken. If you’ve had your own sensitive experiences, I sympathize and hope you are or have dealt with them well, but it does seem like you’re bringing them to this topic defensively and unnecessarily. The main topic is still animal cruelty and anything or everything we can do to understand and prevent it. I truly hope we can put this disagreement behind us and continue to care about cats. They need everyone’s help.

          • By “How should they be dealt with” I meant animal abusers, not animals in that context. Animals should be dealt with by petting and feeding and caring, of course. I really should proof read more.

      • Thanks Albert. I have responded to Jane’s comment. I disagree with her. I think my viewpoint is reasonable and I am not saying people with mental health issues are more likely to harm animals. I am just saying that in this case this man probably has mental health issues. Logic dictates that conclusion.

    • Well, I disagree with you. I see a similarity to harming animals due to anger or self-esteem issues and harming yourself for the same reason. The first is selfish and the latter is unselfish. Just my take on it.


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