Man given suspended jail sentence for killing five of his ex-girlfriend’s cats

A young man pleaded guilty to killing five of his ex-girlfriend’s cats. We are told that his intention was to make them feel pain. He also caused prolonged suffering to a sixth cat by sitting on him or her.

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The man lives in Queensland, Australia. He said, “I’m f*****up” when his girlfriend asked him why he had killed one of the cats in November 2017. He was on trial at the Brisbane District Court last Friday, as I understand it.

The man cannot be identified under a court order because the charges, in Australia, are domestic violence offences. He was sentenced to 3 years prison suspended for five years.

He was also ordered to serve three years probation and he is banned from owning domestic animals.

Comment: the reason why I am reporting this case is because it is another example of judges failing to punish animal abusers sufficiently. This appears to been an example where the man should have received a live prison sentence of up to three years by which I mean it should not have been suspended. This judge sends the wrong signal to animal abusers.

Although I have to be cautious it is possible that the particular circumstances of the case and that of the defendant may have affected the sentencing dramatically although I think it is more likely that the light sentence is due to judges failing to see cat abuse and killing as a serious crime.

The man must have wanted to hurt his ex-girlfriend by hurting and killing her cats. It’s the same old story. The cat is the innocent victim in human disputes.

I am unable to report any more information because the online reports are very brief. There are no pictures because as mentioned nothing can be disclosed under court order.


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