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Man in makeup says that Cats the movie should have used real makeup artists

You’d have to be living on another planet to have avoided the scathing reviews of the new Cats movie. It is a rotten tomato. I have not seen it (except for the trailer which I liked) but I’d be surprised if it is as rotten as the reviewers say it is. The film reviewers have acted like a baying pack of African wild dogs surrounding an injured lion with one desire: the kill and eat.

Patrick Starrr as a cat from Cats the movie. Photo: his Instagram account. His brother Peter is the man on the left.

CGI (computer generated imagery) is how the Cats movie was made. It is heavily reliant on computer editing of the motion pictures.

Patrick Starrr, a YouTube vlogger (a person who makes money out of presenting themselves in videos) argues that the film would have worked better and it would have avoided being pelted with rotten tomatoes if the director had decided to use conventional makeup.

The way I read this is that Patrick Starrr dreamt up a reason why he should make a video about the Cats movie and put himself into heavy cats makeup and a false face. I don’t for a minute think that he actually believes that the movie would have been improved if real makeup had been used. It is an excuse to transform himself.

Secondly, like millions of others it took me a minute to decide if Patrick Starrr is a man or a woman because he looks like a woman without makeup but, no, he is a man. I had to clear that up.

I am a man in makeup.

Patrick Starrr as a Cats movie cat creation using conventional makeup and prosthetics. Photo: Video screenshot.

You have to admit he goes the whole hog and creates some arresting images, which is why I am writing about him and his transformation into a large and formidable cat.

The video below explains how it was done if you are interested.

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