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Man Incorrectly Identifies a Cat Killed on the Road As His — 4 Comments

  1. I can, easily, see how this could happen with moggies.

    I have 3 completely black cats and 3 grey striped tabbies that are of the same sizes. I, actually, have to look at their eyes and faces, as well as their walks and behaviors to tell them apart.

    If any one of them would be creamed in a road, I would have to guess or decide based on the process of elimination by my living.

    Not my call to criticize Mr. Strong for allowing Gus to free roam in an unsafe place.

    However, I’ll bet that he has rethought that decision.

  2. “Mr Strong loves his Gus dearly.”

    Why on earth would you make such an oxymoronic comment as that? If he is putting his cat in danger of being ran-over by a car that’s not love, that’s animal-neglect and animal-endangerment. It it was his cat that got ran-over, then he should have been fined and convicted of all animal-protection laws to teach immature and irresponsible people how to “love their cats dearly”.

    Does a parent who willingly lets their toddler roam free to only drown in some nearby body of water also “love their child dearly”?

    Get real for once in your life.

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