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Man lures two outside cats over to pet them then kicks them hard while friend films it — 12 Comments

  1. for the record im a black man, & i LOVE my big kitty Lex. the deal is this though: in America at least, black people get dogs, big ones, due to feeling a need for protection in cities, as well as trying to “fit in” in suburbia. the “dislike” of cats(which is mainly fear, for those that do)tends to stem from mostly city-dwellers who come in contact with ferals that have struck out at them, or the typical “friend”, during attempts to pet them. ive heard said stories from cousins etc more times than i can count. they tend to go like this, “i tried to pet it, but it puffed up & hissed at me. man, cats are mean.” of course they dont stop to think that backing the cat (or ANY animal)into a corner to try to pet it isnt a good of an idea no matter how “cute” it is. no animal(or person for that matter) likes to feel cornered. people feel like cats SHOULD be approachable cuz they see the lap cat on tv, & then get mad when a stray doesnt comply with said notion. theres also the ever-present connection between cats & superstition(as well as “hoodoo”)that lies in the back of peoples minds, but lets not tar n feather a race when there have been so many caucasians in the news both local & on the i-net recently(especially men)that have actively poisoned, shot, & seriously abused cats & kittens lately, & the online trolls that tend to be male. ive seen waaayyy more pics & videos with non-blacks doing this sort of thing than the other way around. its not cool when ANYONE does it, but there are good & bad people on all sides. there are NATIONS that think its ok to EAT them, right? so lets try to keep these things in perspective, & really think before we pass judgement, k? sorry if i sound all hot over this, but the “black men tend to…” is a generalization that isnt statistically correct across the board AND statements like THAT are what stereotypes are based on. like “only gay men & crazy old maids have cats”. neither assertion is true as gay & straight men own cats, & young intelligent women own cats too. lets try not to “bandwagon” these things or we are no better than the people that say all those crappy things about cat owners. k, m done.

  2. I asked for it to be posted on the main page on Tigers page that used to be mine and some admin on there is saying they should have checked before posting it because it happened in 2014,there are 2 different videos,I’m pissed.

  3. Im black, and I love cats, as well as dogs. Way to stereotype animal abusers, who come in every colour. Instead of being racist, you should have told us about the welfare of those poor cats… that’s what this article is about.. or?

    • I don’t think writers on this page are being racist. Black people are less likely to like cats and the same goes for Muslims. That is factual, I think you’ll find.

  4. That’s one of the, if not the, most heinous behaviors I can think of… but I admit I just can’t think that way. I’d gladly pay the air-fare to fly to the U.K. to meet with these miserable excuses for human beings, if I were guaranteed their identities and location. Short of that I’d contribute to anyone’s journey to “take care” of these guys. Just as bad, Zuckerburg (founder of facebook) and those who supposedly moderate it are notorious for looking the other way when it comes to animal abuse. I’d like to have a meeting with any of them as well.

    • You know me. I feel the same way as you. To be honest it depresses me as the general standard of behaviour in the UK is declining in my view.

    • It is certainly possible. I agree that the Muslims in the UK are much less likely to have a cat companion than the Anglo Saxons!

  5. I am not a hater by nature, but in this case I have to make it an exception to my rule. I Hate them for kicking these innocent animals. Truly hate which brings tears of disgust and anger against the humans; whom are not humane at all_Eva say’s

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