Man makes his cat obese and then makes fun of him in highly successful TikTok videos

This man (Ryan?) is immoral. I know that I am being outspoken but it is transparently obvious that I’m correct. He has overfed his black-and-white cat consistently for a long time or adopted an obese cat and failed to put his cat on a diet. It is almost certainly the former. He then describes his cat whose name is Keith as ‘Keith the cat cow’ with the TikTok tag: #keiththecatcow.

The video that you see on this page has been viewed 90 million times. The comments say that the man is abusing his cat. I said the same thing and it is exploitation and making fun of his cat’s obesity for which he takes responsibility. It is stupid. He doesn’t mind. His videos are successful. Why should he mind? What he is doing is working well, in terms of getting views.

What can you say? TikTok allows this. There is a very strong argument which states that TikTok should not allow these sorts of videos. People should not be allowed to abuse their cat by overfeeding them to the point where they are seriously obese and then make funny cat videos because of their obesity.

Obese cat is disrespected, abused and exploited
Obese cat is disrespected, abused and exploited. Screenshot.
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Admittedly the video is done well and is quite amusing if you are open to being amused, which I am not in this instance.

Pretty well every funny cat video on the Internet of which there are billions are in some way or other an abuse of the cat. I’m probably being too cranky and too serious. People will criticise me for not being open enough to having some fun.

I like a bit of fun but I am keener on animal welfare. I am more interested in respecting the cat. This kind of obesity is going to shorten Keith’s lifespan. Feline obesity can lead to a range of health issues including type 2 diabetes as in humans. And diabetes causes many ill-health symptoms.

This cat owner dearly disrespects his cat because he calls Keith a cow. I have noticed on his TikTok page that he has more than one obese cat. I am going to guess and say that this man is obese himself and finds it entirely acceptable. Shame on him, I say. And shame on TikTok for allowing it.

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3 thoughts on “Man makes his cat obese and then makes fun of him in highly successful TikTok videos”

  1. tamara beinlich

    I only have one fat cat but he’s proportioned for this body frame. He’s a really big guy with big bones, he’s like 2 cats but with one eye. But this poor black and white cat is obese. As for those cat treats if you read the label they are high in fat that’s why the cats like them. I bought some of those Meow Mix Irresistibles because they were lower in fat and only one cat likes them but the dogs love them.

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