Man meows loudly at his sleeping cat to take revenge for being woken up

Mean man scares his own cat
Mean man scares his own cat as a bizarre form of punishment for being woken by his cat in the night. Screenshot
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For me this is stupid, unhelpful and mindlessly commercial. It is actually cruel. It is actually bloody awful to look at to be perfectly honest. He is a mean looking man, isn’t he? He does not look very nice and his behaviour is inline with his appearance.

His behavior achieves nothing except for a million hits (in 2 days) on YouTube which is why he did it in the first place and an anxious cat who is alienated from his human companion. Nice work mister. As usual the comments on YouTube are banal. Such is life. All rather typical of a ‘funny’ – not – cat video.

I think his mean idea was to try and train his cat to stop meowing in the night which wakes him up. Obviously the technique he employed will be a complete failure. That must have been obvious to him. It is a form of punishment which fails.

I’ll guess that his cat meows in the early hours of the morning at around 4 am to wake him up because that is the time when domestic cats are often ready to do things and be active.

If you care for a cat you have to accept it. It is no big deal. Domestic cats are crepuscular. We know that.

The man is Nicholas Tecosky. He calls his cat ‘Italics’. “Four nights in a row he’s woken me,” he said. Get over it Mr Tecosky. Get real. Become nice. Look after your cat tenderly. And stop shouting at your cat while he sleeps because all you’ll get from it is confusion and possible anxiety from your cat. Oh, and stop exploiting your cat for a few bucks of advertising revenue on YouTube.

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8 thoughts on “Man meows loudly at his sleeping cat to take revenge for being woken up”

  1. I agree with Dee, Susan and Michael on all their comments. Kim, aka Jim (obviously) is the one who needs help, but he can’t be. When he finally passes on there will be no hole to fill, nothing to replace, nothing missing, because he was never here in the first place. Easily forgotten and glad to be rid of him like the disease he was.

  2. Seeing this only confirms to me that anyone potentially adopting a cat should be screened thoroughly. If they have any belief that a cat would intentionally do something to annoy them, then they need to stay out of the adoption arena.

  3. The more I learn about the human race, the more I prefer the company of animals other than humans. I did not watch the video, nor did I read the piece. I just wanted to make a comment. My cats, (and dogs, rabbits, ferrets, goats, horses and all the creatures that have graced my life) have not been as irritating, aggravating, obnoxious, disgusting or just plain stupid as many of the humans I have known.

  4. People who dote on cats and give them more consideration than they would another human or even themselves have some severe psycho-sexual and severely damaged self-esteem issues. Seek help. You surely won’t find that help in the companionship of a cat–you’re only making it worse and worse by relying on the very thing that has emotionally, mentally, and spiritually damaged you so.

    • Your comment sounds like phsycobabble. Firstly there is nothing to in the article to suggest that people give more consideration to cats than people and secondly, if someone does, so what? It is fine. It is freedom of choice and it does not mean the person is damaged.

  5. I refrained from watching the video, out of respect for this and all cats. I won’t refer to him by his given name either, because I think it’s as stupid as the giver.

    My “Buddy” was VERY vocal, and it drove me nuts (you have no idea), but I miss him and I’d gladly hear his yowling again forever if I could just have him back alive for one more day. God I miss him…


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