Man Not Charged In Cat Suffocation Case

Man Not Charged In Cat Suffocation Case

by Elisa Black-Taylor

Here we go again readers. Another case of cat abuse when the abuser literally got away with murder for suffocating three cats with ether.

The man involved was not charged in a cat suffocation case and that alone burns me up!

The cat abuse occurred on March 14, 2011 in El Paso, Colorado. David Leisge, 66, told authorities of the method he used to combat the stray cat problem in the La Cresta Mobile Estates in Colorado Springs where he’s employed as a maintenance man. The way the article read, he’s almost bragging about the ingenious method he used to kill these cats.

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First he places the cats in a trash bag. Then he sprays ether, which can be found in starter fluids and cleaning chemicals. Between the suffocation and the fumes, the cats die a horrible death.

Leisge admitted not only to purposely killing three cats, he also stated one of the cats had a collar and was someone’s pet. He was bragging about how he learned the trick from a wildlife police or game warden or something or other. I’m sorry, but this doesn’t make it right. Those cats suffered a lot. People like Leisge really mess with my head.

This story began when police were called to the area on a disturbance case and found the cats in the tied up bags in the garbage.

Joe Stafford of the Pikes Peak Region Humane Society believes Leisge should be charged with aggravated animal cruelty since one of the cats was obviously a pet and not a wild animal. Penalties are tougher if a pet is involved. If charged, Leisge faces a fine and up to 18 months in prison.

The abuser also admitted to killing at least six other cats in the same manner.

Now for the clincher. Ooh-this burns me up! David Leisge was questioned at the Sand Creek police substation on Wednesday and released. NO CHARGES FILED!

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This case will be reviewed by the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, where it will be determined whether or not he’s charged with any crime.

Excuse me, but what is WRONG with the lawmakers in this country! How far does an animal abuser have to go before the legal system finally looks up and says “Oh, we really should do something about this crime.” I just don’t get it!

This crime is case 17557 in case any of you would like to write in or call the 4th Judicial District Attorneys Office. Their information can be found here.

I believe I’ll contact them by mail. I’m sorry I couldn’t find an email address to include with this article. I tend to scream at anal retentive members of the justice system who only look the other way when a case such as this arises.

My question for the readers today is: do you know of someone who has gotten away with animal cruelty? Is it my imagination or is there a little too many slaps on the wrist and not enough handcuffs on the wrists?



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Man Not Charged In Cat Suffocation Case

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May 03, 2011
Re: My mom is the owner
by: Amber

I forgot to mention, the court case you have is wrong, here is the actual court case number DA# D0212011CR001001 and agency #11-08581. I also encourage everyone to write to our District Attorney (who is famous for making plea deals) and ask that he gives this man the maximum sentence. Please do not let this man go free with nothing more then a slap on the wrist.

He is still working at the mobile home park, and we have discovered that the management was actually encouraging him to kill all the animals (raccoons, skunks, cats, dogs or anything else he could trap). The Human Society is also trying to get felony charges filed against the park manager for animal abuse. Those have not yet been filed. The owners of the park (who live in California) have not responded to anyone. Many of the residents and the media have all tried to get a comment out of them, but they have done nothing. This man and the manager are also a residents in this mobile home park. The park’s bylaws specifically state that anyone convicted of a felony or causing a major disturbance must be evicted immediately. Not only have they not been evicted but they are still employed there. They are getting several supporters of what they were doing to harass my mom, and several other people that are known to feed the feral cats or just animal lovers. One woman, who is 85 years old and is very well known for taking care of the feral cats, was charged at the park maintenance truck and nearly hit. It’s getting vicious. I am still searching for a lawyer who will help us. I cannot find any that are willing to help us.

May 03, 2011
My mom was the owner
by: Amber Whittington

Thank you Elisa for posting our story. My mom was the owner of Fluffy, the cat that was killed. He and his brother Billy had slipped out the day before. Being that they were originally brought to her as kittens when they were 6 weeks old by one of the local feral cats that my mom had been feeding. My mom worked real hard to domesticate the kittens. Billy and Fluffy were the only two that we could tame out of the litter of 5. That was in September 2010. Since then Billy and Fluffy had come into my mom’s house, but would still get out every now and then, but they would always be back for lunch or dinner. Generally they would go across the street to y mom’s neighbor’s and play with her puppy. On Tuesday they kittens had gotten out, but did not return. My mom was worried, but when she saw the Humane Society truck she figured her boys had been picked up. Being that they both had collars she knew they would be safe. She was waiting for my dad to wake up (he’s a night shift worker) to see if he could drive to the Humane Society to get her boys. Before she had the chance to get down there, she got that dreadful call tell her what happened to Fluffy. Billy was considered dead, but there was no body to recover. This man had been killing the cats and throwing the bodies in the dumpster and the trash had just been picked up that day. No one would have known what this man was doing if it wasn’t for the fact that my mom’s kitten had a collar on. Once my mom called me, I contacted all the media outlets. I knew the community needed to know what this man was doing. He was not arrested immediately because he told the cops that all three cats were feral (I do not see why or how that makes a difference). It was the Humane Society that found the collar on Fluffy when they took him back for their investigation. The Humane Society immediately filed charges against this man. He has been charged with 6 felony counts of aggravated animal cruelty. He was served with a felony summons about 10 days after the incident. He went for his arraignment yesterday, but we were not present for this. We are still trying to find out the outcome of this.

On a good note, Billy reappeared 10 days later scared to death and starving. We immediately got him into the house, and I have brought him back to my house, being that this dave has told my mom, (after boosting that he killed her cat) that he would shot her other cats through her windows, if given the chance. Billy is now living at my house with my 2 other female rescue cats, and enjoying being the king of the house.

Mar 26, 2011
hateful man
by: Kathy W

This man obviously is sick and needs to be put in amental institution. I got so upset reading this. Just another way mankind says go ahead, Its ok to hurt animals, they are just animals after all. This is why I have lost so much faith in humans and the way they treat animals. I think the animal haters outweigh the animal lovers. My stray cat Tiger is gone. Just never came back and I pray every day that he didnt come across a cruel human like this man and meet a terrible fate. My boyfriend tries to tell me he found a home. I highly doubt it and he was such a sweet boy. I had planned on relocating him to our new house up the block when we moved as it has a large fenced in back yard. I also had planned on taking him to spay and stay to be nuetured. Now none of this can happen and I truly miss him to death.

Mar 26, 2011
by: Michael

I am sure there are thousands of unreported and undetected cases of cat cruelty and abuse.

There seems to be a body of people in the USA who hate cats and I feel that the culture of killing feral cats by the millions has degraded people’s perception of the cat.

When a police officer can legally shoot cats at will it has got bad.

Police too are not the ideal cat conscious human profile. My experience of police is that they are stupid and pack animals (dog people).

The police in the UK screw up all the time. They can’t catch the big criminals and won’t be interested in catching cat abusers. They are not interested in catching burglars.

Enforcement of animal abuse legislation is generally poor the world over.

There are two aspects to law; the law itself (does it exist) and its enforcement.

Some countries who want to look civilised create good law. Then they ignore it! Mexico comes to mind.

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