Man pays adoption fees for five hard-to-adopt rescue cats

Scott Dye who loves cats has paid the adoption fees for five other people adopting from the Second Chance Companions rescue center in SW Washington and the Portland Metro area and the fees were for difficult to rehome cats such as elderly black cats or cats with disabilities. He got the idea from stories in Oregon and decided to launch the program where he lives.

This is a cool idea. It is donating money in a very precise way. It is targeted charity. It is helping the most needy animals, those destined to be euthanised because they are unwanted, and vulnerable people with limited funds. Paying the donation fee helps rescue cats become wanted.

As it happens the rescue organisation to which Scott gives generously is resolutely no-kill and it is run by volunteers.

Scott wants the idea of funding adoption fees to catch on elsewhere. He chose Second Chance because it is no-kill.

rescue cat Maggie

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A recipient of Scott’s generosiity is Judy Adams from Gresham. She is 78-years-of-age. She adopted Maggie, a longhaired, black adult cat (see her above). Thanks to the adoption feed being paid for she chose Maggie. She is very happy as she does not have much money.

Source: Man pays adoption fees

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    • Josh, your comment is idiotic. Just because a person has the adoption fee paid by someone else does not mean they can’t afford to care for the cat properly. The charity is intended to encourage the adoption of cats that tend to be left behind. You are missing the point badly.


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