Man pepper sprayed sleeping cat in daylight and in front of the cat owner’s neighbor

This is an extraordinary example of cat abuse carried out flagrantly with a complete disregard for the law. Fox News in Illinois tells us that a cat owner, Leslie Till, was on her front porch and her cat, Clarence, was lying asleep under his favourite catnip bush in front of the house (see picture). Clarence is 14-years-of-age.

Where Clarence slept
Where Clarence slept
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Clarence’s neighbour, Stephanie Fisher, was also outside on the morning in question when she noticed the man walking by and leaning over into the bush where Clarence was asleep. Stephanie described what happened:

“He looks at the cat, which Clarence is asleep mind you, under the catnip bush. He walks by the cat and as I’m watching him. He has his mace and as he walks by the cat, he turns around and unloads a full can of mace on a sleeping cat.”

By mace she actually means a pepper spray. Leslie heard her cat’s screams from her front porch.

“I heard this loud howl screeching noise. Despite being a cat owner for most of my entire adult life, I have never heard a noise like that before. When I looked down to look at him he was foaming at the mouth and his eyes wouldn’t open up.”

Clarence. Screenshot.

The neighbour, Stephanie Fisher, then chased after the man. She yelled at him and asked him what he had in the can. She asked why he sprayed the cat. She wanted to find out what it was so that she could tell Leslie to allow her to get the best veterinary care. She was told that it was pepper spray and the man said “that’s what it was meant for”.

Leslie call the police immediately. They search the area but were unable to find him. She then contacted her local veterinarian and did some immediate home treatment herself by taking Clarence to her bathroom and washing him with water. She says that the pepper spray filled the bathroom and she started to choke and cough and her arms were burning.

Luckily, Clarence is going to be okay. The community is deeply upset because if somebody has the gall to do that in daylight and in plain sight of somebody then they believe that he is capable of hurting people as well.

If by some lucky chance, having read this, you believe you can help, please contact the Champagne Police Department at 217-351-4545.

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