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Man Posts FB Photo of Himself Pointing Gun at Cat — 8 Comments

  1. I noticed from the photo that if he’d actually pulled the trigger he would have shot through the cat and into his own wrist. Never point a gun at anything unless you are 100% willing to pull the trigger. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that. You give this guy too much credit, Michael, saying he has three brain cells .

  2. I saw this on Facebook too, and signed the petition calling for him to be answerable for his cruelty. It’s sick and it’s not macho, clever or funny and the cat is certainly not laughing.

  3. As described in the video. “It’s NOT OK” that the cat was fine and unharmed.
    I don’t know what’s happened that a young man would ever think that it’s acceptable to ever do something like this.
    Something went awry from my hippie generation of love and peace to the next generation with most of the same points of view to the current generation that carry guns to school, kill at will, and have little regard for life. But, ofcourse, they must video their twisted thinking to be cool. Where does this warped behavior come from?

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