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Man Saves Cat From Death By Boa Constrictor — 3 Comments

  1. Boa constrictors are pretty common here.
    And, yes, they do wrap themselves around prey, depriving them of breath (oxygen).
    The circulation is restricted only because oxygen cannot get to the major organs.
    Death is by asphyxiation (ie, suffocation).
    Many boas are kept as pets here, and I wish they would be outlawed.

    • I wonder is some of these snakes escape and become wild preying on cats in Florida. Florida seems to be a place where non-native species seem to thrive after they have been imported by people and then released into the wild.

      • No doubt about it.
        A lot of times these snakes escape their glass enclosures as opposed to being released by owners.
        It happens because owners fail to fully secure them in the enclosures.
        Babies and small children have fallen victim. I don’t know why anyone would ever have a snake like this with babies in the house.

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